Identified Community Benefits projects BAM Nuttall will deliver

Employability Projects

Job applicants local to the Perth & Kinross area will be given a priority window of seven days for the advertisement of jobs relevant to the project. This will ensure local people have priority in relation to project vacancies. To establish opportunities, we will work with the Perth & Kinross Employability Network and Perth and Kinross Council Skills and Employment Initiatives Team to provide insight into the current employment landscape and help match talent with the appropriate job roles.

A minimum of 50% of non-specialist operatives will be recruited from the Perth and Kinross Council area with the following specialist and non-specialist roles being identified for recruitment before contact has been made with the Perth & Kinross employment networks: Qualified plant operators (excavators/dump trucks) • Joiners • Steel-fixers • Welders • General Civil Engineering Operatives (GCEOs) • Secretary/ administration • Cleaning and maintenance staff • Various staff roles (engineering / commercial / management) To further the recruitment chances of Perth and Kinross Council residents all local applicants are guaranteed interviews to ensure fair and equal opportunities for local communities.

Case Study: Mum of four digs her way to new career on Cross Tay Link Road project (

To support young people in the Perth & Kinross area we are committed to only recruiting apprentices to work on CTLR from the local area. Our programmes begin in October so in the run up to this date we will engage with schools and Perth College to highlight what opportunities will be available on CTLR.

Case Study: Cross tay student placement

Case Study: Cross tay student placement (Tommy Scott) (

Working in conjunction with PKC employability networks, Skills Development Scotland, Business Gateway and Perthshire Chamber of Commerce, we will identify skills gaps in the local workforce and tailor skills workshops in partnership with local agencies to help fill these gaps.

Case Study: Mum of four digs her way to new career on Cross Tay Link Road project (

BAM will offer the CTLR team the opportunity to participate in the BAM Training Academy, including our subcontractors, which provides access to a wide range of training and development programmes.

Develop skills workshops to upskill ex-offenders to improve their employability opportunities. Develop a relationship with HMP Perth and the Scottish Prison Service to gain an understanding of the challenges facing ex-offenders upon release back into society. Assess the needs of this vulnerable group and their current skillset, evaluating how CTLR may be able to help increase their chance of finding sustainable employment.

Work with DYW to organise sessions to educate pupils in app development and how the Augmented Reality (AR) tour guides app works. This is a great stepping tool into programming which can help build a career in computing science.

Host sessions on site with the project team apprentices, streaming to classrooms using DYW Live software about their experiences and how they came to be involved in the project. Inspire pupils by talking about what their personal journey from school to the apprenticeship was like.

Work with local schools to introduce work experience sessions on CTLR.

Host school groups to take part in building bridges using large toy blocks. This is a fun way to engage the pupils into understanding physics and the challenges of tensions within structures at a very high level.

Set up a Virtual Engagement Hub which anyone can visit to learn about different aspects of the CTLR project digitally with information being updated as the project progresses. This can be linked to from the CTLR project website. This has a cost but provides an engaging interactive experience for those seeking an insight into the project. With this innovative technology developed by ARUP, we can reach younger audiences and inspire engagement with the project.