Cross tay student placement (Tommy Scott)

3rd August, 2022
Case Studies


The Cross Tay Link Road project


Summer 22


Tommy Scott is just about to start his civil engineering degree at the University of Glasgow.

‘I’ve done some work experience with BAM at the Sighthill Bridge over the M8 when I was at school, so it was great to be given this placement ahead of me starting my studies in September.

‘I think this experience will really help me fit into my studies quickly as I will not be learning in the abstract, I will be able to place what I’m learning in real time situations. I will be able to relate the class room learning to real life problem solving.’

The Challenge

Tommy is currently on a summer placement learning the practical aspects of engineering on a live site,

The Activity

Tommy has been working on a few different tasks since he started on site that has allowed him to grasp the range of jobs that need to be done on a construction site of this scale.

‘I’ve been working with the monitoring team looking at the water pressure in the earth to see if it suitable, to see whether the ground conditions are good enough to work on,’ he said.

The Result

‘Because I’m very new to the industry a lot of my time on site at the moment is shadowing experienced qualified engineers, learning from them. Health and Safety is also a huge consideration, how to act and conduct myself on site to ensure I and my colleagues keep safe,’ added Tommy.

‘Learning to work in a team and seeing how my colleagues address problem solving has also been very interesting. I feel this experience will give me a head start on my fellow students come term time.’

The Cross Tay Link Road is phase two of the Perth Transport Futures project which will deliver a more efficient and better-connected transport system and a cleaner city centre environment.

Tommy Scott