Perth Transport Futures

The Perth Transport Futures Project is a major infrastructure upgrade programme to improve the road network around the city. The project will address the long-term transportation needs of the area, promote economic growth and address issues of congestion and pollution within the city centre.

Led by Perth & Kinross Council the project is being delivered over four phases.

  • Phase 1 A9/A85 Junction Improvement and Link Road to Bertha Park (LINK TO NEW PAGE) was completed in 2019.
  • Phase 2, The Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR) (LINK TO ABOUT CTLR PAGE) is currently underway with a due completion date of 2025. Work to deliver the CTLR will include the realignment of a portion of the A9 north of Perth, construction of a new bridge over the River Tay and construction of a new link road from the A9 to the A93 and the A94 just north of Scone.
  • Phase three, Bertha Park north link will add a new road linking the A9 through the Bertha Park area. Its delivery is dependent on the scale of new house building that is delivered in this part of the city in the future.
  • Phase 4, Perth City Centre Improvements. Traffic management measures within the city centre to develop the cycling, walking and public transport options to improve the opportunity for and to encourage sustainable modes of travel.

Perth Transport Futures will deliver a more efficient and better-connected transport system, improving the mobility of the area’s workforce, enhancing the attractiveness of the area to inward investors and ultimately delivering a cleaner city centre environment.

Cross Tay Link Road Archaeology Excavation

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