Works Progress With Erection of Form Traveller

6th February, 2024
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Drivers on the A9 dual carriageway, just north of Perth, will have spotted notable progress on works at the Cross Tay Link Road (CTLR) project site between Bankfoot and Luncarty.

Both east and west piers of Destiny Bridge –the name of the road crossing over the River Tay - are now in place, and the abutment piling and foundations are nearing completion in mid-February.

As well as this, the completion of the initial superstructure (hammerhead) has enabled the erection of the Balanced Cantilever Form Traveller marking another significant milestone for the project.

Derek Walsh, Contracts Manager for BAM UK & Ireland, the main contractor on the CTLR, commented, “As well as providing a visual marker of the works completed so far, the erection of the Balanced Cantilever Form Traveller denotes an important stage in the project build – the commencement of the deck segments for Destiny Bridge.”

The construction of the fifty-six individual deck segment of reinforced steel, high-strength concrete, and post-tensioning tendons (cables) will follow a careful sequence, alternating between either side of each pier, to maintain a perfect balance.

Mr Walsh continued, “This is a major achievement for all members of the team involved. From early October to the end of January we have faced significant challenges due to storms and ongoing severe weather. As it is, we are back on target with these works, and I look forward to seeing this next stage unfold.”

Jillian Ferguson, Roads and Infrastructure Manager for PKC commented, “Construction of the concrete deck for Destiny Bridge is a significant milestone in the Cross Tay Link Road project and as we move into spring, local residents and drivers will begin to see the works progress in a more visually obvious way.”

As the main contractor, BAM UK & Ireland has taken supply of the CTLR Form Traveller from specialist Norwegian contractor, STRUKTURAS, who have provided expertise throughout the design stage to optimise the bridge for significant carbon savings.

Construction of the main deck segments utilising the Form Traveller, will be carried out by a second specialist contractor, Carrapatelo from Portugal, who are supported by local resources to assist with the works.

Progress Throughout CTLR

As well as completion of the piers, and construction of the Form Traveller, work has also advanced in several other areas of the site.

Waterproofing and backfilling on the Green Bridge at Highfield, which connects the new road to Highfield Plantation for active travel users and wildlife, is at an end and access paths leading up to the bridge are scheduled to open in this year.

The earthworks for the new Park-and-Choose area on the old A9 and the deck waterproofing on the A9 overbridge superstructure, are both now complete.

Councillor Grant Laing commented, “Commencing this next stage in the building of Destiny Bridge brings us one step closer to the vision held within the Perth Transport Futures Strategy. By building on one of Perth’s key strengths - its location and well-connected road network – we can ensure the long-term economic success of the region, and a cleaner, and more sustainable city centre. My thanks to all involved.”

The CTLR project is currently forecast to complete in 2025 with Destiny Bridge opening to traffic at that time.

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Thanks to Paul Johnston, Senior Engineer, SWECO for these great images of the Form Traveller in use.