Update on Works - July 2023

19th July, 2023
General News
CTLR Updates
Overview of Works

Highlights Include:

Link Road

Tar starting under the Highfield bridge heading east.

Progress on the pavement construction (CBGM and surfacing) works on the 6km stretch of the road from the River Tay to the A94 is now well advanced.

Work is well underway with constructing the Green Bridge at Highfield. This will allow access across the new road to Highfield Plantation for active travel users and wildlife, thus maintaining connectivity. The bridge itself is of a precast concrete design which was assembled in 32 separate pieces. Access paths leading up to the Green Bridge have commenced and landscaping will commence in November 2023; this is due to seasonal constraints.

Road widening work to incorporate the new roundabout at the A93 is now completed.

The new roundabout construction at Stormontfield and the A94 has also progressed well and is now over 50% completed. The construction of the combined pedestrian and cycleway track has also commenced.

Landscaping completed in Spring 2023 has established well during the summer months.


Steelfixing started at ST02 West Pier Pile cap

A significant milestone has been reached on the CTLR project, with the foundation (pile cap) on the east pier completed on the River Tay bridge. Piling for the end supports (abutments) to support the structure foundations, is currently underway.

The west pier foundation, located between the River Tay and the Highland Railway line, is now under construction. Upon completion the bridge pier will commence.

Around September 2023, construction of the initial deck segment of reinforced steel, high-strength concrete, and post-tensioning cables will commence. A careful construction sequence will ensure segments are completed on East and West piers alternately, to maintain a perfect balance.

The bridge is currently forecast to complete in late summer 2024.


Breedon equipment ready to start the base and binder completion of the A9 SBC at the merge and diverge slips.

Phase 2 of the contraflow work is almost complete on tie-in work on the A9. This will allow motorists to be moved onto the newly realigned southbound carriageway at which point traffic will be using both north bound and south bound carriageways, with the contraflow removed.

To facilitate the contraflow removal from the A9 Northbound carriageways, there will be a series of traffic management changes on the A9 from the 1st to the 3rd of August.

  • On the evening of the 1st August the Southbound traffic will be moved to lane 1 of the new Southbound carriageway.
  • From the morning of the 2nd August there will be a Southbound contraflow implemented on the new A9 road alignment, all slip roads at Luncarty will be opened.
  • From the evening of the 2nd August at 10pm the Northbound slip roads at Luncarty will be closed until 6am on the 3rd of August.

The A9 Overbridge superstructure was completed recently with finishing works to continue in the next period.

The remaining Off-line works will continue with minimal impact on road users.