Project Update – September 11th 2023

11th September, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Cover surveys carried out for A9 overbridge deck.

Earthworks to form drainage ditches along Redgorton access road

Surfacing of the non-motorised user path from bus stop on southbound side of A9.

Concrete for construction of sign post foundations.

Installation of crash barrier along south bound A9 carriageway.

Tay Crossing Update

Construction underway of formwork for east pier bridge hammerhead.

Works have been continuing on the construction of the traveller system and temporary props which will be used to construct the Tay Crossing concrete deck on the west pier side.

Link Road Update

Earthworks underway for construction of footpath on A94 northbound towards roundabout.

Earthworks for link road verges complete.

Stormontfield Road Roundabout surfacing completed and white lining commenced.