Project Update – October 9th 2023

9th October, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Earthworks continuing to form park and cycle route from east roundabout.

Earthworks underway for backfill of east side of A9 overbridge.

Installation of sign post foundations.

Installation of traffic signalling and street lighting ducts along northbound diverge sliproad.

Waterproof material sprayed onto west abutment of A9 overbridge.

Tay Crossing Update

Works have been continuing on the construction of the traveller system and temporary props which will be used to construct the Tay Crossing concrete deck on the east pier side.

Last pile installed for west abutment.

Link Road Update

Earthworks continuing for installation of culvert at Cramock Burn, Stormonfield road.

Meet the contractor open day at Stormonfield office