Project Update – June 19 2023

19th June, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Completion of binder course (middle layer) of tarmac on A9 NB carriageway, ready for surface course (top layer).

Surface wearing course (top layer) of tarmac started to be laid along the NB carriageway.

White lining on northbound carriageway, ready for traffic next week during phase 2 construction of the A9.

CCTV foundation concrete pour.

Concrete pour for copes on north side of A9 overbridge.

Tay Crossing Update

Steel fixers erecting steel reinforcement for east pier stem and engineer setting out formwork/shutters for concrete pour.

Continue excavating down to formation level of west pier and cropping down piles.

Pile installation started for west abutment.

Link Road Update

Completion of CBGM laying along entire length of new link road, ready for base course (bottom layer) and binder course (middle layer) of tarmac to be applied.

Expsoing ducts running on northbound side from BT box heading south. This is in order to re-route the BT ducts to make way for drainage.