Project Update – July 3 2023

3rd July, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Earthworks for southbound slip way tie in from roundabout.

Continuing earthworks for southern tie in of the new southbound carriageway.

Installation of drainage at north tie in.

Continue excavation of material for construction of south pond.

Tay Crossing Update

Installation of formwork in preparation for east pier stem concrete pour. Bracing for shutters installed.

Completion of excavating down to formation level and blinding area in preparation for west pier pile cap construction. Blinding is a base layer of concrete to provide a level, stable platform atop which structural concrete can be constructed.

Link Road Update

Surfacing of the eastern side of new Stormontfield roundabout. Traffic to be running on contraflow next week while construction of western side commences.

Services works at the A94 continued before new allignement construction can commence.