Project Update – July 24 2023

24th July, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Earthworks along verges.

Surface course (top layer) of tarmac being applied on southbound carriageway.

Completion of crash barriers in central reservation.

White lining of southbound carriageway.

Topsoiling of verges.

Tay Crossing Update

Completion of installation of steel reinforcement and formwork/shuttering for west pier pile cap concrete pour.

Completion of concrete pour for west pier pile cap.

Installation of piles for west abutment.

Second concrete pour for east pier stem.

Link Road Update

Construction of western side of Stormontfield roundabout and approach road.

Construction of west side of new A94 allignment and roundabout.

Construction of cycle/footpaths between Stormontfield roundabout and A93.

Construction of cycle/footpaths between A94 and Highfield.