Project Update – July 10 2023

10th July, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Completion of earthworks for southbound slip way tie in from roundabout.

Completion of earthworks for southern tie in of the new southbound carriageway and commencing laying cement-bound granular material. This material is used as a sub base for the surfacing for the road.

Service diversion works carried out at Tay crossing underpass location.

Tay Crossing Update

First pour for east pier stem.

Stripping of formwork for east pier stem.

Construction of steel reinforcement for west pier pile cap concrete pour.

Construction of steel reinforcement for second pour of east pier stem.

Link Road Update

Laying of binder course (middle layer) of Tarmac from A93 roundabout towards green bridge.

Construction of west side of new A94 allignment and roundabout.