Project Update - December 8

7th December, 2022
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Drainage work continues on the A9 section of the project ahead of construction of the new roundabouts, A9 over bridge and slipways. Effective drainage is an integral part of the construction of the project.

Overview of the A9 works looking south

Tay Crossing Update

Piling work has now started on the west side of the River Tay as well as the east in preparations for the bridge supports being erected.

Link Road Update

Concrete barriers are being put in place ahead of construction work around the new roundabout on the A93. The barrier willl keep traffic seperate as road widening work commences.

Overview of the work site looking east

Work on the concrete pre foundations for the 'Green Bridge' are also well underway. The Bridge will form an active travel crossing of the new road for people and animals.