Project Update – April 17 2023

17th April, 2023
CTLR Updates

A9 update

Installing steel reinforcement and concrete formwork for SE and NE abutment wingwalls of A9 overbridge.

Cement-bound granular material (a granular material or soil, mixed with cement, which is used as a subbase for the paving) being applied and rolled on the A9 southbound carriageway. A roller is then used to compact the material to ensure it achieves required strength.

Northbound carriageway drainage installation

Tay Crossing Update

Commencing excavation of material of east side pier down to formation level of east pier pile cap.

Continued pile installation on west pier.

Link Road Update

Drainage installation on westbound line, between Stormontfield and A93.

Placing and compacting type 1 graded stone subbase for link road from Tay crossing heading East. Type 1 graded stone is a 40mm graded to dust material that is laid and compacted to form a level stable construction layer as a platform for the road surfacing to be laid on.

Commenced pouring of insitu kerbs for Stormontfield Roundabout