New defibrillator for Luncarty

31st August, 2022
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August 2022


Luncarty, Redgorton & Moneydie Community Council

George Black, chair, Luncarty, Redgorton & Moneydie Community Council said:

‘Having a defibrillator in a weatherproof cabinet in the middle of the village means it will be easily accessible to the widest number of people. These are very easy to use and just might save someone’s life. It’s a great resource to have in the village and on behalf of the wider community I would like to thank BAM Nuttall for their support. The new machine will add to the resources already available and will be sited at the opposite end of the village.’

The Challenge

As part of the Cross Tay Link Road community benefits programme Luncarty, Redgorton & Moneydie Community Council requested a defibrillator to boost the communities’ first aid capability.

The Activity

The defibrillator is an open resource that can be used by members of the public in an emergency.

Defibrillation is an emergency medical technique that uses an electrical shock to reset the natural beat of the heart. Studies have found that it can dramatically increase a patient's chance of survival when suffering cardiac arrest.

The Result

The defibrillator was handed over to the chair of the Community Council George Black (centre) by Perth & Kinross Council Project Officer, Bruce Robertson (left) and BAM Nuttall’s Project Manager, Douglas Halliday.

The Cross Tay Link Road is phase two of the Perth Transport Futures project which will deliver a more efficient and better-connected transport system and a cleaner city centre environment.