Luncarty Primary School Clear Up

25th October, 2023
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The clear up is underway!

When Luncarty Primary School headteacher, Deborah Swan, reached out to the Cross Tay Link Road project for assistance, a team of willing volunteers from PKC, BAM UK & Ireland, the Community Council and our subcontractor, Venesky Brown, came together to help the small village school.

The school has a lovely inner courtyard that had become overgrown and unusable; it also included a summer house that was deemed unsafe which had been used as a store for old plant pots and clutter over the years.

As well as this, the nursery area had been badly affected by flooding, and had been hit several times over.

The team included:

  • Sarah Gardner and Bruce Robertson from PKC
  • Innes MacKintosh and Calum Flett from BAM UK & Ireland
  • George Black, from the Community Council
  • Three employees from Venesky Brown
  • Sally Small, Luncarty Primary School teacher

Over the course of a day in early August 2023, the team cleared the entire area of clutter, weeds, and dying foliage. 3 tonnes of gravel were then shipped in to add a flood prevention barrier to the nursery area.

Sarah Gardner, Project Officer for PKC commented, "It was a hard day of physical labour for the team involved, but we all found it tremendously rewarding and it was wonderful to see just how much it meant to the school. Making big differences in small ways lies at the heart of the Cross Tay Link Road Community Benefit programme and this is a perfect example of what we can achieve as a community working together."

Deborah Swan commented, “The transformation has left our staff absolutely thrilled, and the results are nothing short of amazing. Many school parents have taken notice, remarking on the significant difference it's made.

“The clearance was a task that would have been nearly impossible for us to tackle alone, but thanks to the Cross Tay Link Road team's incredible efforts, it's been a truly remarkable change. Plans for the future of this space are already in motion.

“Speaking of the nursery, it was always at risk of flooding, leading to some soggy children going home. We had to cordon off this area for safety reasons. However, thanks to the dedicated work of the CTLR team, we've not only resolved the flooding issue but also opened both areas to our children. We can't express enough gratitude for their time and unwavering effort.”

Social Value

  • BAM UK & Ireland, PKC and Venesky Brown Hours – 120
  • Gravel Costs £200
  • Social Value Total £2240