Interschool Bridge Building Challenge

28th March, 2024
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The project team from the Cross Tay Link Road project hosted an interschool Cable Stay Bridge Building Challenge at Bertha Park High School on Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th March.

The event saw sixty S1 and S2 pupils from local secondary schools take part in the challenge, designed by the Institute of Engineers (ICE) and approved for use by the Cross Tay Link Road team.

Schools involved were Bertha Park High School, Blairgowrie High School, St. Johns High School on day one and Perth Academy, Perth High School, Perth Grammar School on day two.

The race was on to build the best bridge against a timer, with Perth Academy coming out as overall winners. Judged by two members of the CTLR project team, the decision was reached based on multiple factors including fastest time, quality of build, how well the team worked together, how closely they followed the brief and how safe they were while working.

Ronnie Carr, sub agent, commented, “CTLR project team has run this popular and successful initiative in Perth and Kinross for around 18 months, but this is the first time multiple schools have taken part in one large open day.

“In using the Cross Tay Link Road project to inspire the next generation of engineers and construction workers, our aim is to future-proof the industry for years to come. The potential to inspire and influence subject choice and career paths is increased, offering long-term gains for the young people involved and the wider engineering and construction industry."

The event was organised in partnership with the Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) initiative in Tayside. Morgan McLeod, Employer Liaison Officer for DYW commented, “The young people have loved the competition between schools and there was a real desire to become the best bridge builders in the area.

“There was such a buzz around the challenge, and it brought everyone together, enhancing team working skills, communication skills and so much more. Thanks to BAM UK & Ireland and PKC for yet another amazing event for the young people in our area.”

Councillor Grant Laing, Perth and Kinross Council leader commented, “Meaningful engagement with the next generation of engineers and construction industry workers is a key component of the Cross Tay Link Road project. Both Perth & Kinross Council and BAM UK & Ireland recognise their role in ensuring young people throughout Perth and Kinross have access to the opportunities presented by a project of this scale and status.

Elaine Blair, Learning Resource Coordinator for DYW at Perth High School, commented, “The day brought STEM from a classroom idea to a real-world application and Perth High School pupils loved the hands-on aspect of the challenge – I think we may have found the next generation of engineers!”

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