Important Update: Temporary Diversion of Core Path LUNC/102

26th September, 2023
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Community News

This announcement is to inform local residents about an upcoming change to the Core Path LUNC/102 (A9 path/core path) between the River Almond and Scarth Road in Luncarty. This change is necessary to ensure the public’s safety during ongoing construction works in the area.

Temporary Diversion of Core Path LUNC/102

What's Happening?

The current Core Path LUNC/102 route has been temporarily diverted due to construction activities. However, as the works progress, it's becoming increasingly challenging to maintain this diversion while ensuring everyone's safety.

Consultation and Agreement

We've been in discussions with the PKC Community Greenspace regarding the need for this proposed temporary route. Before any work begins, the final diversion plans have been discussed and agreed upon with PKC Community Greenspace.

Duration of Diversion

The diversion is scheduled to be in place from 2 October 2023 until the completion of the A9 portal structure and park and cycle works in Spring 2025.

Additional Land Usage

We have acquired additional land outside the Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) area as part of this diversion. We have already agreed with the landowners for this land use, and all necessary arrangements are in place.

New Diversion Route

The proposed diversion route, highlighted in blue and red on the drawing below, ensures continued access for pedestrians and cyclists, connecting the core path from the River Almond to Denmarkfield. It utilises the existing community-favoured core path (LUNC/2) with minor upgrades, offering an unbound footpath diversion. Road cyclists and those seeking a smoother path can opt for an alternative diversion via National Cycle Route 77 to Pitcairngreen, heading east to Luncarty.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the alternative route, please get in touch with BAM Nuttall via email at [email protected] or call 0330 332 5400.