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12th June, 2024
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Students enjoy Work Experience at Cross Tay Link Road

The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) has argued that for the UK "developing the right set of skills and making full use of them in the economy is a recipe for higher productivity, growth and inclusiveness".

By creating meaningful employment and nurturing a culture of skills development businesses can affect real change and contribute significantly to the quality of life for individuals and the wider communities.

As part of the Cross Tay Link Road project, PKC outlined clear objectives in employability and skills development, taking into consideration current legislation, national guidance, and the Council’s Procurement Strategy.

As the main contractor, BAM Nuttall demonstrated a commitment to deliver on these key points and showed clear understanding as to the importance of investing in and improving the skill levels of all employees, and in providing opportunities for young people in communities across Perth & Kinross, and wider Scotland.

Jillian Ferguson commented, “The ultimate aim of the project’s community benefit requirements is to secure real economic and social benefit for our customers and communities.

“By tackling skills shortages and building new talent, we can ensure long term economic prosperity at local, regional, and national level. When projects such as CTLR offer work experience, adopt inclusive approaches to recruitment, and break down barriers for people from disadvantaged groups, everyone benefits.”

Recognising the ongoing skills shortage in STEM-based industries, the project’s Community Benefits team is currently rolling out a number of opportunities that will see the next generation of young people offered the chance to engage with the Cross Tay Link Road either directly through work experience, or via careers fairs and site visits.

Innes Mackintosh, Community Benefits Office commented, “When showcasing careers in the construction industry, it’s essential for young people to get to know the reality behind the hard hats and diggers.

“Over the past 18 months the team at CTLR has formed a strong working relationship with the Tayside division of Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) and together we have worked hard to ensure we are inspiring the next generation of engineers and construction workers. We attend careers fairs throughout the region, offer student site visits, and provide hands-on work experience opportunities in various roles."

  1. Work Experience, Kinross High School Students, 5/6/24
  2. Work Experience, UHI Perth Students, Nov 2023 to May 2024
  3. Work Experience, Perth High School, 28/5/24 and 29/5/24
  4. Work Experience, Student Engineer (age 14), 13/05/24 to 17/05/24
  5. Perth Autism Support Apprenticeship Information Evening, 28/03/24
  6. Perth Apprenticeship Jobs Fair, 13/03/24
  7. Developing the Young Workforce Careers Day, 22/11/23
  8. Kinross High School Careers Fair - 300 students, 14/11/23
  9. Developing the Young Workforce Careers Fair, 2/10/023
  10. UHI visit by the Community Benefits Team, 15/9/23
  11. Tommy Scott, Work Experience, Summer 2023
  12. PKC Schools Career Fair- 2000 students, 28/03/2023
  13. Perth Autism- Career’s Fair- 20 students, 30/03/2023
  14. Breadalbane Academy Careers Fair - 900 students, 26/01/2023
  15. Auchterarder High School Mock Interviews, 50 students, 20/06/2023
  16. Blairgowrie High School, Mock Interviews, 09/06/2023
  17. Viewlands Primary School, Poster competition, 25/04/2023
  18. St John Academy Mock Interviews, 24/04/2023
  19. Perth Autism Support Careers fair, 30/03/2023
  20. Focus on Apprentices with Developing the Young Workforce, 28/03/2023
  21. St John Academy Mock Interviews, 01/03/2023
  22. Careers talk at Bertha Park High School, 27/1/23
  23. Careers fair at Breadalbane High School, 26/01/2023
  24. Blairgowrie High School Careers Fair, 15/11/2022
  25. Student Placement, 30/7/22

See Also:

Work Experience, Kinross High School Students, 5/6/24

Rhys Fog and Thomas Wallace, 4th Year pupils from Kinross High School, took part in a work experience day on 5th June, when they were mentored by CTLR project personnel, James Carcary, Ross Grant, Glen Verney and Tommy Scott.

As well as exploring engineering works such as setting out, using GPS units, measuring onsite, and using maths in the real world, they also looked at the construction side of the project including inspection of temporary works, bridge and roads construction, calculations for working out rate of pour, and looking at drawings in BIM.

Work Experience, UHI Perth Students, Nov 2023 to May 2024

Robbie Strachan and Sarah-Jayne Barclay, UHI Perth students, joined the CTLR team on Fridays over a six month period between November 2023 and May 2024.

Studying Creative & Digital Media, Robbie and Sarah-Jayne added to their skill set with a Foundation Apprenticeship, which saw them take part in various activities and learning related to the production of creative and digital media outputs. This work took place both in the office and out on site and included the following:

  • Site Visits to log progress and updates through the use of photography
  • Planning and follow up with staff and contractors following open days
  • Editing PowerPoints for Quarterly Public Meetings
  • Creating Social Media posts during community benefit work
  • Creating promotional posters and marketing materials
  • Creating plans for Community Engagement Block Building Team session
  • Attending Community Benefits events for photography and video records
  • Creating video footage from interviews to record community benefit work

Robbie commented, "During my time with CTLR my favourite thing to take part in was helping organise and set up the Open Day. I enjoyed working with different organisations and interviewing contractors and staff.

Sarah commented, "I enjoyed the Site Tours and have really enjoyed seeing the Green Bridge development over the last 7 months. We have learned how to work in a professional environment and how to work with different stakeholders. I think this will benefit my future employment. We would love to have the opportunity to come back and do more.”

Work Experience, Perth High School, 28/05/24 and 29/05/24

A group of five 4th year pupils from Perth High School took part in two days of work experience which offered them the opportunity to find out more about the following disciplines within Civils and Construction and to obtain an insight into the finer workings of a large scale project.

  • Engineering - Including setting out, using GPS Units, measuring onsite, maths in the real world, community engagement engineer
  • Administration Office Admin - Including skillsearch, certification, timesheets, community engagement, sub-contractor costs, invoices, direct project costing
  • Construction - Including inspection of temporary works, bridge and roads construction, calculating rate of pour, looking at drawings in BIM
  • Digital Design Surveys - Including drone (Earthworks etc), 4d modelling, drawings, clash detection, quality, ITC closeouts
  • Infrastructure / Utilities - Including line search, permits, CAT scanning, desktop surveys and records

Work Experience, Student Engineer (age 14), 13/05/24 to 17/05/24

Jaxon Fee from Preston Lodge High School, Edinburgh is a 14 year old student with a interest in engineering. His cousin, Alan Limerick is an Engineer with BAM Nuttall Ltd, and arranged a week long work placement at the Cross Tay Link Road site. Starting with a site induction that included the SF201 procedure, Jaxon moved on to shadowing and assisting with setting out and surveying, using GPS Units Measuring, viewing CAD drawings on BIM, and applying mathematics in real world situations.

Jaxon said, “I really enjoyed the work experience at Cross Tay Link Road and would like to come back for further work experience if I could. I enjoyed learning about setting out and using the GPS Tools and it was great to see the concrete pour on the East Pier abutment of Destiny Bridge. Thank you to everyone for their time and I learned a lot”.

Perth Autism Support Apprenticeship Information Evening, 28/3/24

The CTLR Project team has formed a close relationship with Perth Autism Support, offering many opportunities for the young people supported by the charity to engage with the project. This Apprenticeship Information Evening saw Ronnie Carr, BAM Sub Agent, discuss the benefits of the BAM Nuttall Apprenticeship schemes for the young people and their parents/carers.

Perth Apprenticeship Jobs Fair, 13/03/24

Held at the Salutation Hotel, and hosted by Developing the Young Workforce, the Perth Apprenticeship Jobs Fair welcomed in a total of 493 young people from across the area. Innes Mackintosh, BAM Community Benefits Manager, was in attendance with a stand focused on engineering and construction based apprenticeships within BAM. He discussed the Cross Tay Link Road project at length with pupils, parents and teachers, offering an insight into the opportunities available in projects of this nature.

Morgan McLeod, DYW commented, "A huge thank you to everyone for attending the 2024 Perth Apprenticeship Job Fair. This years event was even busier than last year with a whopping 493 attendees from a mix of schools and post school destinations.."

Developing the Young Workforce Careers Day, 22/11/23

This one-day workshop for S5/S6 students at AK Bell Library in Perth offered young people from 11 secondary schools in Perth & Kinross, Dundee and Edinburgh the chance to participate in a one-day workshop where they designed a sustainable future. The were joined by circa 40 people from business and research in agrifood & environment, engineering & construction, energy, fashion & clothing, observers and participants from Education Scotland, and several third sector organisations.

Working in groups, with research and industry experts in four key employment sectors - agri-food; energy; engineering and fashion, - they co-designed pathways to climate resilience and identified the skills and jobs needed to
deliver these outcomes.

Following the event, young people have been invited to apply for work experience placements at organisations in each sector, with BAM offering a place at Cross Tay Link Road for any interested students.

David Boldrin, event organiser commented, "With the help of some SEFARI IKE funding, a novel approach to knowledge exchange and collaborative-work between high school, academic institutions and businesses was piloted by The James Hutton Institute researchers, with colleagues from BioSS, CREW, CXC and collaborators in local schools and careers advice organisations. The event aimed to give young people a say in how key economic sectors such as can become sustainable and resilient under a changing climate, and the types of jobs and skills needed to achieve these goals. It was very well received by all the groups of people involved and we hope to apply for further funding to roll out this approach to a wider geographic area and other employment sectors."

Katie McClintock, St Johns Academy commented, “I found the presentation and information received from bam Nuttall and the other presenters has shown me that it is still possible to get into Civil engineering without going direct to university and it was really useful to have information on the apprenticeship schemes as another route to the career that I am aiming for."

Kinross High School Careers Fair, 14/11/23

Aimed at 4th to 6th years, the Kinross High School Careers Fair invited students to meet with local employers and educators to help them understand and weigh up their options for their next steps. Innes Mackintosh discussed the BAM UK & Ireland apprenticeship scheme, explaining what was involved and the requirements for entry. In explaining that many Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Designers and Planners came into their field via a combination of university and apprenticeship he offered alternative routes for students to consider, using the Cross Tay Link Road as an exciting example project.

Developing the Young Workforce Jobs Fair, 2/10/23

The October Jobs Fair hosted by Developing the Young Workforce saw Shannon Mulholland, CTLR Community Engagement Officer, and Ronald Car, Sub-Agent on the CTLR project meet with DWP clients who were ready for employment. Discussing careers and opportunities within the CTLR project, as well as further afield with BAM UK & Ireland, the day proved to be a great success.

Shannon commented, "There was a lot of interest in the project from the young people attending and we found it encouraging to talk to so many with an interest in engineering and construction. The Cross Tay Link Road itself is a real hook for opening conversations and getting people engaged."

UHI visit by the Community Benefits Team, September 2023

Innes Mackintosh, Community Benefits Manager, visited a group of potential work experience candidates at Perth College UHI. The students involved are currently studying Digital Media and looking for real life projects to hone their communication skills. Innes offered a presentation around the CTLR project and a chance for questions and answers.

Innes commented, "The project has so much going on at any moment in time, offering a perfect learning environment for a young Communications professional at the start of their career. We have pitched the opportunity to the group and expect a student to start work experience with the Comms team in early 2024."

Tommy Scott, Work Experience, Summer 2023

Tommy Scott worked on the Cross Tay Link Road project under the watchful eye of the BAM UK & Ireland team on a 15-week placement over summer 2023. As a civil engineering student at University of Glasgow, the placement was a condition of his Institute of Engineering QUEST Scholarship.

Read about his thoughts on his work experience with the Cross Tay Link Road here >