Cross Tay Link Road – Progress Report, 13 May, 2022

13th May, 2022
CTLR Updates

Key highlights from this period

  • Archaeological works are progressing at Broxy Hillfort. The works are becoming more complex with additional identified work around the discovery of a ‘Palisade’ or defensive wall. Overall work is now approximately 55% complete. Uncovering of a Souterrain or underground chamber continues.
  • Permanent fencing to link road section started on 16 May.
  • Permanent fencing to start to A9 section started on 9 May
  • Planning complete for plant crossings at A93 and Stormontfield Road.
  • Site Compounds at A9 and A93 now operational. Work started on the main site office at Stormontfield on 16 May.
  • Structural soils on site to make installations for settlement monitoring on A9 section.
  • Ground clearance - Highfield cutting area clearance 95% complete. Materials moved to laydown for mulching.
  • Pre-earthworks drainage ditches completed where possible site-wide. Approx 90% of ditches installed. Lagoons to be formed locally to support run-off.
  • Additional plant mobilised to commence topsoil strip and bulk earthworks.

Health and Safety

An incident that resulted in one of the archaeologists twisting an ankle was reported to the HSE.

Good News

Amery Construction appointed on 5 May to commence earthworks, starting with pre-earthworks drainage to A9 and Link Road sections.

Picture Update

Pre earthwork ditches have commenced on the A9 section

Site clearance work has commenced for construction of temporary works compound