Cross Tay Link Road – Progress Report, 24 June, 2022

24th June, 2022
CTLR Updates

Key highlights from this period


  • All bat activity surveys completed; license application for Destruction of Roost at Broxy Kennels submitted
  • Works commenced on A93 plant crossing and forming material storage areas.
  • Brash removal at A93 commenced & well advanced at the end of the period.
  • SEPA visited the site 23 June. No findings. They will be a fairly regular visitors to the project
  • Scottish Water visited site 21 June -06-22 to inspect protection of water courses from oil spills, satisfied with measures in place. They will visit site every 4-6 weeks
  • Planning complete for plant crossings at A93 and Stormontfield Road.
  • Site Compounds at A9 and A93 now operational. Work started on the main site office at Stormontfield on 16 May.


  • Settlement monitoring equipment installation on A9 complete; continuing on Link Road section.
  • A9 – Cut from Bertha Wood to fill for Western Roundabout progressing well.
  • Link road: Topsoil strip progressing at Stormontfield behind caravan park @ Racecourse. Capping progressed westward from A93. Capping also progressed eastward from A93 towards Highfield cutting
  • Western roundabout filled to stage 1 settlement level.
  • Starter trenches complete Eastern roundabout
  • Fill commenced at access area at pond
  • Topsoil strip commenced to North side of Archaeology area
  • Temporary haul road formed past hillfort


  • Broxy Culvert; 37.5linm of available 87.5 ;linm 1.5m dia. Culvert laid.
  • Temporary drainage works across section.
  • Stormontfield Compound pad finished and ready for strip foundations.


  • Works are progressing at Broxy Hillfort. The works are becoming more complex with additional identified work around the discovery of a ‘Palisade’ or defensive wall. Overall work is now approximately 55% complete. Uncovering of a Souterrain or underground chamber continues.
  • Excavations on additional works focused on Ditch 4 north and Ditch 4 south of the entranceway (to the hillfort). Internal features were also excavated, including those adjacent to the south and entranceway. Additional works to Ditch 4 have been identified & PMI will be issued in due course.

Ground clearance

  • Highfield cutting area clearance 95% complete. Materials moved to laydown for mulching.
  • Pre-earthworks drainage ditches completed where possible site-wide. Approx 90% of ditches installed. Lagoons to be formed locally to support run-off.
  • Additional plant mobilised to commence topsoil strip and bulk earthworks.

Health and Safety

Nothing to report

Good News

A final Archaeology Open Day has been planned for July 30

Picture Update

Earthworks and Culvert Installation, A9

A9 section showing position of the bridge