14th February, 2023
Case Studies


Technology Department, Kinross High School


February 2023


BAM Nuttall Ltd

The Challenge

"Inspiring the next generation"

The team at the Cross Tay Link Road project recognises the ongoing skills shortage in STEM and as a project we want to do all we can to encourage young people into the related industries. Due to inflation materials for pupils to work on and get creative with are now a massive expense to schools.

The Activity

Recognising that desk dividers bought throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and now no longer used, could be recycled and used by the Technology Department at Kinross High School, BAM arranged for 30 screens to be packed up and delivered.

The Result

Doing our bit in ensuring schools have enough materials to keep encouraging the younger generation and investing in engaging learning opportunities to strengthen the pipeline of young people entering the STEM workforce.

“Many thanks to BAM Nuttall Ltd for their kind donations of 30 sheets of acrylic, our pupils will benefit greatly from these and many of our S4 pupils are already looking forward to incorporating the 6mm thick sheets into their final SQA projects.

The increased cost of all materials is hitting school budgets hard and we would not have been to buy this thickness or quantity of materials, so it is a real bonus for the school and the pupils."

Scott Urquhart (PT Technologies. Kinross High School)

The Cross Tay Link Road is Phase Two of the Perth Transport Futures project which will deliver a more efficient and better-connected transport system and a cleaner city centre environment.