Archaeology excavation open day

20th May, 2022
Case Studies


Broxy Kennels, just off the A9, one mile north of the Inveralmond Roundabout


April 22


Archaeology open day for general public.

‘Of the 1,500 or so prehistoric forts in Scotland very few have ever been excavated properly. The total excavation of Broxy Kennels Fort is a great opportunity to examine an Iron Age settlement in its entirety,’ said Dr Ronan Toolis, the project’s academic advisor, from GUARD Archaeology.

The Challenge

Work is ongoing at three archaeological sites that will be impacted by the Cross Tay Link Road’s construction covering periods from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

This project site was the location of an Iron Age Fort. The challenge was to uncover the site’s secrets before construction work started. Archaeologists have uncovered much more than they thought including balustrade, or defensive wall and an impressive souterrain, or underground passage that would most probably have been used for storing grain.

The Activity

More than 100 people attended two open days to find out more about what had been uncovered on the site. They were guided on a 45 minute tour of the site by by archaeologists working on the project.

The Result

Local people learned about different archaeological techniques and what had been uncovered on the site. They left with a better understanding about how people lived their lives in this area in the past, what they ate and what types of animals they kept.

‘I had no idea this was even here, it’s been really interesting,’ said Alison Price, an artist from Perth. ‘It covered a massive area and seeing how they’ve uncovered actual stone-built structures that were built so long ago is just incredible.’

Everything discovered on the site will be closely recorded and documented in a local museum before the main construction work starts.

Archaeology Open Day