Apprentices and Work Placements | Cameron Hay and Alex Anderson

30th January, 2024
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As part of the Cross Tay Link Road project, PKC has outlined clear objectives in employability and skills development, taking into consideration current legislation, national guidance, and the Council’s Procurement Strategy.

Jillian Ferguson, Roads Infrastructure Manager for PKC, commented, “The ultimate aim of the project’s community benefit requirements is to secure real economic and social benefit for our customers and communities.

“By tackling skills shortages and building new talent, we can ensure long term economic prosperity at local, regional, and national level. When projects such as CTLR offer work experience, adopt inclusive approaches to recruitment, and break down barriers for people from disadvantaged groups, everyone benefits.”

Cameron Hay : A Shining Example of Apprentice Excellence

We were proud to see our Engineering Apprentice Cameron Hay shortlisted in this year’s Perthshire Chamber of Commerce Star Awards. Cameron started with BAM UK & Ireland on the Cross Tay Link Road project in September 2022 and has proven to be a dedicated team member.

Selected as one of three Apprentices of the Year, Cameron attended a glittering awards ceremony in November 2023 where he was celebrated by some of Perthshire’s leading businesses, and his team members.

Innes Mackintosh explains why Cameron was selected as the BAM UK & Ireland nominee: “Cameron is an exemplary apprentice who is driven by an unwavering pursuit of excellence in his daily work. With a natural understanding of his role and tasks, he consistently delivers on his own workload, as well as supporting his colleagues in achieving their goals.

“Cameron’s journey into construction and engineering began with the guidance of a Careers Advisor who recognised his preference for hands-on learning.

“He was familiar with BAM UK & Ireland following a memorable trip by his school in Glasgow to a nearby site. It was this initial encounter that sparked his interest in construction. After spending a week’s placement on a George Leslie site, he applied for an apprenticeship at BAM UK & Ireland and following a rigorous assessment and interview, secured a spot. The evaluation included written and spoken word assessments, team-building scenarios, and a one-on-one interview.

“During his time at BAM, Cameron’s hard work and determination has gained him several qualifications which have not only enhanced his professional capabilities but have ensured his readiness for complex tasks in the construction and engineering industry.

“Cameron has a promising career in the construction industry. He is not only an exceptional apprentice; he is a future leader in the field of engineering.”

Work Placement | Alex Anderson

Alex Anderson, 19, joined us for a 6-week work placement towards to end of 2023. Having attended an open day with Perth Autism Support earlier in the year, Alex was keen to expand his knowledge and insights into the project, and the processes involved in ensuring everyone is safe while working on site.

Working closely with the team, and in particular, Ralph Yardley, Project Safety Advisor for Cross Tay Link Road, Alex was shown various elements of the job.

We caught up with him afterwards to find out how he got on.

What interested you in Cross Tay Link Road?

I like things done in a particular way, and to make sure everything is safe first. I am interested in health and safety because it applies to every job.

What did you do on the day?

Looking at incident and accident reports, looking at how things were built and using AEDs, different defibrillators etc.

What did you enjoy most?

I enjoyed seeing how the bridges would be built, I found that interesting, and having an inside look at how all the roads will be in the future.

What do you feel you learned?

First aid, accident and incident reports and the foundations of bridges being built and how it all connects together with the roads.

Has this visit inspired your career? If so, in what way?

To pursue a career in health and safety. I feel when I go into work I will have a wider knowledge.

Why is it important for employers to offer work placements like yours?

Offers insight and experience of something they would be doing for their future.

What would you say to others thinking about doing a placement day?

It is a great opportunity to learn and add to your future CV as it shows you can commit to working, as well as gaining valuable experience.

Is there anything else you’d like to mention?

Thank you very much for having me and showing me lots of new things. I am excited to see all the new roads and bridges come together.