Public Notice – As part of the project it is required to install fastlane closures on both the north and soundbound carriageway of the A9 between Broxden and Inveralmond from 07:00 on Monday 30 October until 19:00 on Tuesday 31 October.

Following completion of the steel reinforcement installation of Structure S01 east wingwalls last week, the first of the two concrete pours to form the wingwalls took place this week. Work has also started on forming the wingwalls on the west side of the structure. Installation of the deck reinforcement for Structure S02 bridge over the… Read More

The steel reinforcement that forms the east wing wall to structure S01 bridge over the A9 has been installed this week. Steel reinforcement installation is also ongoing to form the deck of Structure S02 bridge over the River Almond. Kerbing works have been progressing on the section of road around the new Crematorium entrance with… Read More

Work is now well underway constructing the new junction on the A85 West, linking the new road in to the A85 and A9. Painting works have been completed on Structure S02 over the River Almond with works now commencing in installing the reinforcement for the bridge deck. Kerbing and drainage installation works are well underway… Read More

The final beam lifts for Structure S02 were completed this week, along with the installation of the formwork and temporary scaffolding to allow works to commence on the deck. The first road layer (type 1 sub base) has been laid this week on the section of road by the new Crematorium entrance towards the A9…. Read More

The first three beam pairs of Structure S02 were lifted in to place this week. Each pair, weighing in at around 80 tonnes, was lifted and manoeuvred in to place using a 1000t crane. The crane has now de-rigged from the north side of the structure and is relocating to the south side ready for… Read More

The second of three concrete pours to the deck of Structure S01 has been completed this week. This pour consisted of a further 100 cubic metres of concrete pumped up and on to the bridge deck. Work is now underway constructing the formwork for the west section, in preparation for the third deck pour in… Read More

This week has seen the steel beams for Structure S02m bridge over the River Almond begin to arrive on site. The bridge will consist of 3 pairs of beams, each pair arriving in 3 separate sections. Preparatory work is currently taking place for the beams being lifted into place in mid-September. Installation of temporary formwork… Read More

The first concrete pour to form the bridge deck of structure S01 bridge over the A9 took place this week. 100 cubic metres of concrete was pumped on to the bridge deck to form the middle two thirds of the reinforced concrete slab. Work is now underway to install shuttering in preparation for the two… Read More

Public Notice – As part of the project the existing roundabout on the A85 (West of A9) will be reconfigured into a traffic signal controlled crossroads.  To facilitate this work temporary traffic management, mainly temporary traffic signals will be deployed in the area between 28 August to 4 November 2017.  Diversion routes here.