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Works have been ongoing constructing the footway to the south of the new Crematorium entrance, preparing to surface this early next week. Works are continuing on the new southbound diverge. Drainage works and slope soiling is taking place here in preparation of the road construction commencing. Construction of the new pedestrian underpass alongside the town… Read More

S02 bridge over River Almond receives its first layer of surfacing. Draining installed along West Connector. Installtion of SO4b pedestrian lade culvert.

Works have commenced on the foundations for the greenscreen acoustic noise barrier and the new shared footway and cycleway to the east of the Crematorium entrance. The surface course and road markings to Ruthvenfield Roundabout were completed this week, with the road reopened to traffic. Works will continue on the verges and footpaths around this… Read More

Waterproofing works to the concrete deck of the new bridge over the River Almond have been taking place this week. Piling works were completed this week for structure S03, the new footbridge over the A9. Excavation works are continuing for the new lade pedestrian culvert. Surfacing works have been continuing to Ruthvenfield Roundabout with base… Read More

Pilling works for the new footbridge over the A9 have commenced this week. A total of 22 piles will be installed to support the new bridge. Kerbing and the installation of type 1 sub base has been ongoing at Ruthvenfield Roundabout this week, with the first of the road surfacing material laid to the roundabout… Read More

Works are underway in preparation for the arrival of the pilling rig to install the foundations for Structure S03 – new footbridge over the A9. Kerbing, drainage and public utility works are ongoing at Ruthvenfield roundabout. Landscaping works are continuing around the Crematorium and Bertha Park area. Installation of the bridge parapets at both S01… Read More

A selection of aerial photos. Over SO4 lade culvert leading to SO1 A9 overbridge. West connector road SO2 River Almond Bridge leading to Bertha Park Ruthvenfield Road Roundabout SO2 River Almond Bridge SO2 River Almond Bridge heading up to Bertha Park      

Works are continuing at Ruthvenfield Roundabout placing earthworks fill, installing kerbing, drainage and pubic utility ducting. Concrete works are ongoing at S02 this week with works commencing on the north wing wall and parapet support base. Drainage and type 1 sub base works are continuing on the main line by the new Crematorium entrance. Stone… Read More

Works have started on forming the new road surface at Ruthvenfield Roundabout this week. Sub-base has been installed to a large proportion of the roundabout and kerbing works have commenced. Earthworks fill is nearing completion forming the new northbound merge slip road to the A9. Drainage installation and earthworks are continuing on the main line… Read More

Works have been continuing on the construction of Ruthvenfield Roundabout this week. Drainage installation and bulk earthworks have been ongoing, as well as public utility works. Surfacing works have taken place at the new road tie in with Crieff Road, as well as footways works in the same area. Drainage works have been ongoing in… Read More